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Vitop 蝶阀

product information

The bag-in-box packaging provides a new soft bag concept for food material storage and transportation and terminal products. By applying quality products to some of the world's top brands, Huan Shen has established an international reputation, high barrier film, innovative and diverse valves to help our customers bring fresh products safely to the market.

End product: An external box made of a flexible bag made of a variety of materials and cardboard. The bag is attached with a faucet-like switch. Its unique design allows the liquid to flow out without allowing air to enter, so that the product can be stored for a long time after the package is opened. It will not affect the taste and quality for about three months. Now the packaging has accounted for nearly 30% of the European and American markets. The wave of such packaging has also been set off in China. Mainly used in liquid foods such as water, juice, beverage, milk, wine.

Product Usage

A functional faucet that opens up to be novel and elegant.

The faucet with no air reflow is open, maintaining maximum freshness and long shelf life, making the first and last cups the same fresh and delicious.

In the outskirts and all kinds of gatherings, it is more fashionable and unique, and has a unique taste.

Using such a package is enough to capture the eye of the consumer and make your product a more unique selling point.

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