Efficient work, cyclic improvement

Update: 14-08-2019

——Hansin conducts PDCA enterprise management training & […]

——Hansin conducts PDCA enterprise management training







On August 13, Hansin managements carried out PDCA enterprise management training. The invited Teacher gave detailed explanation on what PDCA is, why we should learn PDCA and how to use PDCA in the working process through case study for the purpose of improving work efficiency and workflow.

During the case analysis part, everyone took the initiative to involve in the discussion. Teacher commented on each student's speech so that everyone can have good understanding to the application method of PDCA. After teacher’s lecture, it conducted a theoretical paper examination for all participants. Everyone said that the training benefited lot. In the future work and study, we should make full use of PDCA, do things efficiently, and constantly summarize and improve.

At 2 :00 PM, the relevant department leaders consulted on the site 5S and quality management, teacher answered some difficult questions in the working process, and assigned some task to mobilize everyone to have good preparation before the 5S and quality improvement training. At this point, the PDCA training was successfully completed and achieved the expected results.